The Africa Network: An Idea by Erik Hersman

Written by Erik Hersman (White African) Submitted by Nmachi Jidenma The Africa Network is a centralized web portal for information important to Africans, customized for their location, their tastes and their needs. It consists of: • a vertical search engine • a news portal • a community site All of this is made available on […]

Nigeria: Time for a new kind of politics

Written by Ochi Ogbuaku, Nigeria I believe that corruption is the bane of our existence as a nation. Indeed corruption is antithetical to leadership – they cannot co-exist, they do not belong together. Corruption diminishes and incapacitates any leader and breeds inefficiency. It makes a leader blind to the plight of the people he or […]

African Telecoms: An Investment Opportunity

Submitted by Nmachi Jidenma, Nigeria Written by Eric Güller, Equity Research, Robert Ruttmann, Equity Research at Credit Suisse AG Africa remains the fastest-growing mobile telecom market in the world, with telecom firms adding around 90 million new subscribers in just the last year – an amount equivalent to the German population. And despite this enormous […]