United States of Africa?

“UNITED STATES OF AFRICA”? Perspective from Reuters… (REUTERS) – From 2003 to 2008, Africa experienced an unprecedented boom due to a mixture of debt forgiveness, free market reforms and soaring commodity prices that lifted annual output by five percent or more — crucially outpacing population growth. That came to a juddering halt with this year’s […]

Kola Karim: Africa needs to bargain more

Kola Karim, chief executive of Lagos/London-based Shoreline Energy International, says moves by Korea, Saudi Arabia and other emerging countries to buy up thousands of hectares of land in Africa to grow food “is sending fears to Africans.” “Africa needs to ask, are these deals for us? Or for them. There’s a mismatch. We’re talking about […]


See credits towards entry end Pop music is a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ world. A starburst of YouTube notoriety and then oblivion. Or at least it is for most. But when your journey has been as long and extraordinary as Nneka’s – when you’ve travelled 10,000 miles and are still only just starting out – […]

Changing the Africa Conversation

Nmachi Jidenma, Nigeria Web 2.0 media encourages open interaction, individual participation and knowledge sharing; qualities that are capable of harnessing the power of the crowd to collate unique ideas for problem solving. With online sharing, the power of people working in concert increasingly can be harnessed – a technique that will inevitably lead to greater […]