Meet Greg Odutayo, the King of Nigerian Television

Interview by Ameyaw Debrah of Jamati. Visit Jamati online here

Nigerian television is growing fast and one of the biggest forces to reckon with is Producer /Director, Greg Odutayo. Together with his wife, Debbie Odutatyo, their Royal Roots Production Company has made an impressionable mark on the Nigerian television landscape and continues to set the bar in quality TV productions in Nigeria and across West Africa.

Royal Roots has emerged from the early days of radio production and event management into a formidable force in television across Africa. Their first Television content was a cooking programme, ‘Global Cuisine’ and after that came the phenomenal comedy series, ‘House A-Part’ which won Royal Roots a lot of accolades. With their imprint of quality clearly becoming evident, they received some funding from the French Film Fund to produce a 26 episode series ‘Tides of Fate’.  Soon came a much bigger break when M-Net commissioned them to produce the hit family drama series, ‘Edge of Paradise’. M-Net wanted to commission one programme but found Greg’s proposals too irresistible so they commissioned two programmes – ‘Doctors Quarters’ and ‘Edge of Paradise’.  Fully aware of the huge potential of reaching thousands of homes across Africa via M-Net, Greg and his team gave Edge of Paradise all that they had. Read more about Meet Greg Odutayo, the King of Nigerian Television

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