OPINION: Feminism Versus African Women’s Rights by Owen Alik Shahadah

Feminism and other concepts rotate in the west, infect, and attach themselves to the broader woman’s struggle for justice and equality in a male dominated world. However as a paradigm, it is a diabolically anti-African anti-human neologism emerging out of the Eurocentric reactionary women’s movement in the 50’s. To collapse feminism and women’s rights is a fundamental linguistic flaw as the two concepts articulate completely different social realities. It is therefore inadequate to use the term feminism and apply this loaded word to the gender issues of Africa. The one commonality in all African cultures is the de-emphasis on individuality and the emphasis on community, the priority of family and creating new life. The feminist is in agreement with everything that breaks the family unit and inhibits procreation. Therefore, the African woman should never seek to locate her liberation within the Eurocentric boundaries of feminism. Read more about OPINION: Feminism Versus African Women’s Rights by Owen Alik Shahadah


“The world will be what you make of it. you have the power to hold your leaders accountable and to build institutions that serve the people. You can conquer disease and end conflicts and make change from the bottom up. You can do that. Yes you can.” Motherland is a breathtaking film, which sweeps the […]


I used to constantly laugh at Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic while he was freezing to death, now, not anymore. I now empathize with him despite feeling less than one-tenth of what he was feeling. Back home in Nigeria, I intentionally started an Industrial Training in ‘Airconditionology’ which means an act of being in the air-conditioner for a number of hours. All my preparations were in vain, as the chill hit me from all sides. This wasn’t fair, for over twenty-something years of my life, I have been in perpetual heat and all of a sudden, I was thrust into this giant freezer of a country. At that moment, I longed for humid, sweaty Nigeria. Having my bath proved to be harder than the Gulf War, it took me ages getting the right combination between hot and cold and when I finished I had to rush to seek solace in front of the heater (my new best friend).

My first days here also proved to be filled with unnecessary paranoia. My mentality was still in Nigerian mode and I always had this feeling at the back of my head that NEPA a.k.a PHCN were going to strike. It was at this moment I realized how much my psyche has been affected by that ‘terrorist organisation’ known as PHCN. God, these dudes are worse than Al-Qaeda. I always rush to iron my clothes, charge my phone (which at the moment is complaining of overcharging) and my Laptop. The feeling still lingers and in a funny way I kinda miss the blackout and the way NEPA plays with our emotions when they toggle with electricity like kids in a candy store. Read more about MEMOIRS OF A NIGERIAN LIVING ABROAD: SERIES 3

“Nigeria: Text messages bolster world’s largest distribution of mosquito nets” UNICEF

Children in Nigeria’s Kano state receive insecticide-treated bed nets at the launch of a recent malaria prevention campaign. RapidSMS text messaging is supporting the distribution of the nets, which are essential to preventing malaria.

By Geoffrey Njoku and Paula Fedeski – UNICEF. World Malaria Day, 25 April, focused this year on the challenge of achieving universal coverage with essential malaria-control interventions. Here is a story of progress and challenges in one malaria-endemic country, Nigeria.

As communities across the globe commemorate World Malaria Day, UNICEF Nigeria and its partners are bringing a tech-savvy twist to their work in preventing this deadly disease.

This year, Rapid Short Message Service (SMS) text messages across Nigeria are helping to track the distribution of some 63 million mosquito nets – the largest campaign of its kind to date. Read more about “Nigeria: Text messages bolster world’s largest distribution of mosquito nets” UNICEF

African Economies Show Resilience in Face of Economic Crisis

Hip hip hip, hurrah! Glad as ever. Global decoupling? African economies have shown resilience in the face of global financial adversities, have passed the stress test and can be expected to achieve economic growth this year, says Donald Kaberuka, president of the African Development Bank (AfDB). Addressing African finance ministers April 26 in Washington, Kaberuka […]

Celebrating Zain Verjee, Kenya born CNN World News Anchor

Interesting coverage/celebration… of Zain Verjee in Daily Nation. Some excerpts… …In person, Zain is much slimmer than the image beamed into living rooms across the world from CNN’s London bureau where she is currently based… A typical working day for her begins at 3 a.m. and by 11 a.m. “when you’re having your morning tea” […]