MTN Continues Africa Expansion; Interview with General Manager, MTN Business

Johnny Aucamp, General Manager for Strategic Relations and Business Development in Africa, MTN Business, talked to about recent developments on the continent. What is MTN Business’s African strategy, taking into account your recent acquisition of UUNET Zambia? Are we going to see more acquisitions on the continent?

Johnny Aucamp: MTN expects to enter a very exciting phase for the next three years and our focus is not only on mobility, but creating specific ISP companies with a standardized approach to services and solutions delivery to the corporate segment. In other words, we enable African companies to reach their own A-end status and self-sufficiency. It’s a transition from B-end to A-end level. For many years South Africa has been perceived as an A-end country, the gateway to the continent, the primary contact. We want to take our developments here and convert them into a pan-African solution. We are going through a re-branding phase in Zambia at the moment, which will improve the competitiveness of Zambia’s business sector. Tell us more about the developments in Zambia?

Johnny Aucamp: The rebranding sees the integration of UUNET Zambia, acquired last year, into our MTN stable. MTN Business Zambia will offer businesses world-class telecommunication solution at competitive pricing.

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