Opinion: What we have learnt about Buhari

By Ayodeji Abiola

Ayodeji Abiola supports Buhari’s campaign for the Nigerian Presidency

The views held in this piece are those of the author alone and not of CP-Africa. CP-Africa is a non-partisan platform.

What have we learnt about Buhari

  1. Buhari has held numerous juicy offices, but he has not enriched himself corruptly
  2. Buhari has a passion for Nigeria
  3. Buhari knows the odds against him, but that has not detered him because he is banking only on the fact that Nigerians will decide this time around if they are fed up with the PDP or not.
  4. Buhari is not someone who strives to be politically correct – otherwise, he would have joined the ACN or picked a traditional politician rather than an activist pastor as his running mate
  5. Buhari recognises deputies – just like Bakare is a relevant figure in his campaign today, we can remember how Tunde Idiagbon was a relevant figure in his government
  6. Buhari is a victim of his love for Nigeria – Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
  7. Buhari focuses on priorities of his office and not on side attractions; as NNPC and Ministry of Petroleum Boss, he built refineries; as Head of State, he worked vigorously to kill corruption – As PTF Chairman, he made sure Abacha did not intefere to deter him from delivering results
  8. Buhari is not a candidate of the northern elites; unlike the Atikus and IBBs of this world, Buhari’s support is with the northern commoners, not the elites
  9. Buhari is not an apostle of do-or-die politics. Contrary to popular critics, Buhari never asked riggers to be lynched – he only asked voters not to allow their votes to be stolen. He didn’t say how.
  10. As Head of State, Buhari combated religious extremism; in 1984, he successfully quenched the Maitatsine in the north; unlike the PDP failure to quench Boko Haram; this is a teatament to the fact that Buhari can address the security situation in this country better thanthe PDP.
  11. Buhari has NEVER advocated for Sharia in all of Nigeria, he only acknowledge that Sharia is a part of the consitution and he even mentioned that in difficult circumstances, the civil court always overide Sharia which is a legal and constitutional fact
  12. Buhari does not have a godfather or godmother – all he wants is to serve Nigerians – ONLY if they allow him.
  13. Buhari believes in the rule of law; when he was rigged out of past elections, he went to court for a record 50months. In 2011, he has said, he is not going to court again as this is the last time he will contest Nigerian election.

Asking for Buhari is not because we see him as the ONLY one or a perfect man. No. But among the other aspirants, he is the only one that can break us from the shackles of the past. GEJ will only continue the status quo and antics of the PDP. GEJ has so far been playing safe with the elites and let’s be honest, he will continue to do so given another four years. So, he will continue celebrating Bode George, consulting OBJ and IBB and allowing every unholy practises of government to continue. Forget the usual story of his poor background. Have we forgotten that even Obasanjo and MKO Abiola had poor backgrounds? Actually, Ribadu happens to be my second choice. He would have been first (given Buhari’s age), but, I do not know how Ribadu intends to break free from Tinubu’s influence. Also, I cannot honestly judge his anti-corruption criteria, because when he succeeded in EFCC, we know that he had the backing of Obasanjo. What happens when he suddenly has the charge to himself? He may choose to save his own neck rather than offend the elites of Nigeria.

I will end this note by quoting the man Buhari himself;

Nigerians are fed up with the indiscipline and the corruption of governance, and this is our greatest hope against next year’s elections – that they need change. They need a serious team to be in charge of the country

– Buhari in a September 1,2010 interview on NVS – http://www.nigeriavillagesquare.com/articles/nvs/politicians-would-be-the-first-victims-of-sharia-if-properly-implemented-buhari.html

For Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s article on Buharism, go to http://www.facebook.com/notes/ayodeji-daniel-abiola/buharism-economic-theory-and-political-economy/10150132340575189

The views held in this piece are those of the author alone and not of CP-Africa. CP-Africa is a non-partisan platform.

Post Author: Ayo Abiola

Ayo is a doctoral candidate and educator. He is also a social strategist and coordinator of the "I am Nigerian" platform. He writes on CP-Africa on behalf of "I am Nigerian" and other social issues. To contact Ayo, send an email to great[dot]arc[at]gmail[dot]com

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