CNN Interview: Does Islamic finance…appeal to Christians as well? [Face Time with Hajara Adeola, MD Lotus Capital]

I am looking forward to the time when you say Islamic finance and no body says what are you talking about? -Hajara Adeola, MD, Lotus Capital. With the global economic downturn, many have sought alternative ways of doing business. While Islamic banking was not immune to the crisis, it is one of the fastest-growing financial […]

Opinion: Should Nigeria split up?

By Yusuf Pappa Tomiwa These thoughts have been gathering at the back of my mind for a while now. Like dust, they haven’t exactly settled together in a place but i’ve decided the dawn of birth has set upon them. Talk of Nigeria dividing/separating whichever word best describes ‘secession’ has been ongoing long before i […]

Africa bullish in mobile advertising; South Africa remains king, Nigeria records 58% growth in smartphone impressions in Q2 – InMobi

It goes without saying that any serious minded advertiser looking to reach out to African consumers on the web should go the mobile ads route for the best return on investment. It appears global advertisers are taking note as the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network, InMobi recently reported that it added almost 1billion mobile […]