HIV Prevention In Nigeria: Total Condomization versus Partial Segregation

By: Paul Adepoju For about two hours, the ever quiet and serene International Conference Center, Abuja became rowdy and excessively noisy. Even the army officers on guard had to look around to ascertain the security status of the continental monument. It wasn’t a Boko Haram invasion or a political rally; it was a noisome […]

“Africa: Keep it on Your Radar”

By Margaret McMillan Investors are waking up to Africa — finally. Not just Egypt and South Africa, but such countries as Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. The reason: As the continent moves more of its resources into industry and services, it stands to become an economic powerhouse, making its citizens wealthier and its influence more global. China is steadily […]

CNN: “Asa – African pop legend in the making”

(CNN) — She may be a fully-fledged pop star with a growing global appeal but Nigerian singer, Asa, is determined to remain true to her African roots. The 29 year old artist initially found fame on her home continent thanks to her soulful musical melodies, which have since proved popular with audiences in Europe and beyond. […]