Bulkbananas Explores Christmas Nigerian Recipes in Kwara State

By Bulkbananas

Christmas is almost here! where should we go? what should we do? what new adventures and memories should we create? What to do for Christmas is usually a topic that, between my husband and I, requires weeks of contemplation, compromise and anticipation of fun times ahead.

This year, bulkbananas decided to explore the less travel road and take a road-trip to rural Kwara.  Want to hear more about how I convinced my husband to give up the finer things in life for a family christmas in the hinterlands? Or our heart-thumping experience with the Nigerian Police? Or how to “get away” from Lagos on a tight budget? Then come back next week Sunday for a full report from Bulk Bananas.

You can read other exciting food stories and adventures at our home site at www.bulkbananas.com.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season!

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