Nigerian Government releases Potential Benefits from Budget 2012 and the SURE Program

The Office of the Coordinating Minister of the Economy recently released a breakdown of  Potential Benefits from Budget 2012 and the SURE Program. Check out the release below and please pass it on.

Against the backdrop of the recent debate on the removal of fuel subsidies#, and the calculated misinformation being peddled by opponents of this policy, it is pertinent to highlight, in more tangible terms, some of the significant allocations that have been made to essential sectors of the economy, both in the 2012 budget as well as the recently-launched Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P). This programme is a 3—4 year programme designed to mitigate the immediate impact of the removal of fuel subsidy and accelerate economic growth through investments in critically-needed infrastructure.

It is noteworthy that, while the 2012 budget allocated the best possible amounts to these critical projects, additional resources are allocated to the same projects in the SURE programme to ensure that they are completed at faster rates than envisioned in the 2012 budget. Some of the projects and allocations are as follows:


  • N11bn is allocated to the Abuja-Lokoja road in the 2012 Budget, with an additional N14bn from the SURE-P.

  • N6bn is allocated to Benin-Ore-Shagamu, with an additional N16.5bn to be financed through SURE-P.

  • N3bn is allocated to Port-Harcourt–Onitsha road, with an additional N5bn from the SURE-P.

  • Similarly, N18.5bn is allocated to Kano-Maiduguri road, with an additional N1.5bn from SURE-P.

  • Provision is made in the 2012 budget for construction of the Second Niger Bridge (N2bn) and Oweto Bridge (N3.5bn). An additional N5.5bn and N4bn would be spent on both bridges respectively from the SURE-P.

    • Provision of N23.5bn is made for maintenance of roads and bridges across the country through Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA).


Agriculture & Rural Development

  • The total allocation to the sector is N78.98bn
  • N4bn is allocated to research and mechanisation
  • Provision of N1.22bn is made for the construction of access roads to each of the 6 Staple Crop Processing Zones.
  • Value Chain: N720 million is allocated to the development of value chains in cocoa, rice, maize, livestock, cotton and others sectors.
  • N1bn is allocated to the Price stabilisation scheme.
  • N610 million to facilitate for the access to credit, fertilizers and seeds.
  • An additional sum of US$500m is expected from Development Finance Institute to support the sector.


  • Rail lines: The 2012 budget allocates N3.95bn, N3.15bn and N3.35bn to the construction and completion of Abuja-Kaduna, Lagos-Ibadan and Ajaokuta-Warri rail lines respectively. In addition, the SURE-P allocates N11.6bn to the Abuja-Kaduna line and N9.3bn to the Lagos-Ibadan line.
  • Provision of N800mn is made for the procurement of wagons, coaches and locomotives.
  • Dredging project: N1.2bn is allocated to the dredging of Lower River Niger (Warri-Baro).


  • The total allocation to the sector is N400bn
  • N11.6bn is allocated for existing universities.
  • N7.7bn is allocated for the restructuring to Unity Schools.
  • National Teachers Institute: The 2012 budget allocates N3.5bn to the retraining of teachers for basic education and training in innovative teaching.
  • Moreover, an additional N24.6bn will be spent on vocational training centres from the SURE-P.


  • N4.6bn is allocated to the Polio eradication programme
  • N3.5bn is allocated to the procurement of HIV/AIDS Drugs
  • The sum of N174 million is allocated to Integrated maternal, newborn and child health strategy, including capacity building, and promoting school health initiatives.
  • N8.42bn is allocated to Federal University Teaching Hospitals.

  • N6bn and N3.6bn are allocated to the procurement of vaccines and midwifery service scheme respectively.

  • An additional N73.8bn will be spent on Maternal and Child heath from SURE-P.


  • Various Airports: N22.2bn is allocated for the modernization of airport terminals and upgrading of facilities in the six geopolitical zones of the country.

Federal Capital Territory Administration

  • N3.1bn is allocated to the construction of a 20,000m3/hr lower Usuma dam Water Treatment Plants.

  • N2.5bn is allocated to the construction of Cultural and Millennium Tower.

  • N1.25bn is allocated to the Development of Idu Industrial Area (1b Engineering Infrastructure).

  • Various road projects including the completion of roads B6, B12 and circle road (N4bn), rehabilitation and expansion of airport Expressway (N7.53bn).

Niger Delta
East-West Road (Section I—V): The 2012 budget allocated N22.2bn to this road. In order to accelerate its completion, an additional N21.7bn is allocated in 2012 from the SURE programme.

Water Resources
N1.2bn is allocated to the construction of Central Ogbia Regional Water Project.
A total of N4bn are allocated to the construction of dams.
Other provision for water facilities (i.e. regional water supply scheme) of N8bn.
Rehabilitation of river Basin authorities (12 nos) of N13.91bn.


Moreover, over the period 2012-2015 an additional N205.5bn will be invested in rural water scheme, water supply scheme, irrigation scheme and other water related projects from SURE-P.

These projects will not only significantly improve the country’s infrastructure, but will also create millions of jobs for Nigerians. This struggle is not between the government and Nigerians, because government is squarely on the side of the people. The fight is between the government and Nigerians on one side, and persons who are bent on continuing their age-long “milking” of the system for their personal benefits on the other side.

Please let us support government’s efforts at defeating these persons, and creating a better country for all Nigerians.

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9 thoughts on “Nigerian Government releases Potential Benefits from Budget 2012 and the SURE Program

  • Ase

    (January 13, 2012 - 11:29 pm)

    I am watching the townhall meeting again to be sure I have my facts right. Mr Olisa Agbakoba has offered a 7 trillion source from the Maritime sector. Can NOI please get information on how this can be achieved? This money can be used to fund the SURE projects while we work on full deregulation and not just removing subsidy.

  • mayjorh

    (January 14, 2012 - 12:07 am)

    Going thru the benefit of the SURE-P, i noticed there is no allocation to the POWER ministry and building of new refineries or renovation of the existing refineries . does it mean this administration is not willing to find solution to the main problems on ground. and upon all i doubt if those huge 9 figures mentioned will be used as stated on paper. this is a rape on the entire nation. these politicians are not ready to solve any problems. they are ready to compound it.

    The future of the generation unborn in Nigeria is being toyed with by these cabal.

    I PRAY God will deal with all those responsible[directly or indirectly] for the sufferings many Nigerians are currently going thru.


    • Yimika

      (January 14, 2012 - 12:34 am)

      If the President sacrifices:

      1) the purchase of new presidential jets

      2) foreign travel (N11.25bn)

      3) the outrageous N1bn for feeding

      4) and the renovation of aso villa and purchase of kitchen equipment N605m

      5) purchase of bullet proof cars

      the said amounts will fund a good majority of the proposed projects.

  • nigeria youth

    (January 14, 2012 - 1:02 am)

    even to read news paper in millions and billions of naira?useless sets of human being.there is no indication of even to build or rebuild primary schools which was built by white lords around 1806.the gov will come there and collect school fees alone and abandon the student to sink with the sinking old building.shameless gov

  • Ola Okunloye

    (January 14, 2012 - 1:11 am)

    This SURE programme is a brilliant idea from the government. Am sure every Nigerian will love to see all this work with their full support. However, their are several issues to be addressed. There is the issue of lack of trust due to bad governance by previous government. There is no transparency even though we are in a democratic dispensation or era. The budget as read on tuesday by the house of rep spelt out #1.4tr for capital expenses while recurrent expenses was put at #2.5tr. How do you expect a person who has graduated for 5yrs without job, a homeless or even an under-payed worker to see that? If Nigerians must suffer, are our leaders not part of us any more? Even with the subsidy removal, every1 knows it will not affect them. That I must confess is not an example of a correct leader. A leader is meant to serve and not to be served. Do you know that if the salaries of all government officials sum together where put down for this programmes, do u think Nigerians will grumble or complain? The answer is NO. Infact their salaries is fat enough to carryout all this project. If at least 2/3 was sacrificed, there could have just been a little increasement to augument d remaining gap. This we know will not affect the status of any of them and it will mean all of us together will trust God for our upkeep which am sure will make all Nigerians happy. But If the pays of government officials is now twice the sum of what u said u want to use for the programme, it looks like another lie again which the people are tired of hearing after all the funds have always been there while the previous government have not been using it judiciously which is not the fault of the Nigerians. I think we should first address the issue of corruption by bring to judgement all those who have been enriching themselves with the benefits of all common man, solve the issue of boko haram who is making life more difficult for this same already depressed Nigerians, let equity and transparency be the order of the day in all levels and sectors of govenance, exposure of the cabals behind several political issues of Nigeria and dealing justly with them, making every man subject to the law and punishable, removing permanently anyone caught in any act that falls short his/her position, ensure that funds are rightly appropraited and the list goes on. With some of this things in place, I tell you Nigerians will support the government plans even though it might inconvenient them for awhile. Let us all strive together to make Nigeria stronger and not make some more richer to d detriment of the already poor. The piallatives are not yet on board and we all know that we don't have an average Nigerian again, it is either u are are up there or down below without any infrastructure, job, basic amenities to be enjoyed. That's not encouraging at all. I commend the bravery of both parties in this crises but I appeal to the government unbehalf of the next man who ascend the position after him who might right now not be able to continue schooling if the cost of living becomes to great for his parents to cope. Self sacrifice is the way, that the next Goodluck Jonathan might survive where ever he is now. Sustainance through survival is the key for future generations. God bless Nigeria.

  • tony

    (January 14, 2012 - 4:29 am)

    This is Nonsense. The 40bn and $1b the former speaker stole is enough to carry out all these projects without any subsidy removal. Also the 88BN Bode George stole From Nigeria NPA will also go a long way to champion all these projects. Why is the government deceiving us . You can fol some people sometime but you cant fool all the time. All serving and past Govt officials that are in the bad books of EFCC should hold accountable and forfeit the money to be use for all these projects that will benefit them and also Nigerians.

  • oolar

    (January 14, 2012 - 6:54 am)

    Govt hv performed woefully. Corruption is been celebrated, wasteful spending on all arms of Govt, zero sence of commitment to the people. Badly executed projects. Govt spend more money commisioning a project than on the project itself. It is crazy. Why are we so wasteful in Nigeria?, today, there is no serious govt at all levels. The NDDC is also a scam. What sustainable development hv they brought to NigerDelta outside sending militants for training?, when the trainees come back, what will they do?, go back to the creeks. The collapse of this Nation is emminent if we continue like this because there is no future. What a senceless & reckless Nation. I hv no problem wt SUBSIDY or SURE program but d point is this country wld hv done far better if we had administered it the proper way. We wld not hv needed to remove subsidy. All the SURE program wil come wtout ppl payn for it. Now, we are bn asked to pay at gunpoint for an uncertainty. I didn't see salaries for sure committee in d schedule, is it a free service?. One thing is certain, very soon, we wil decide if we really need a Nation called Nigeria.

  • Uche Nwosu

    (January 14, 2012 - 1:00 pm)

    The President and his cabals are never honest. They should ransack the EFCC files and recover looted money for those projects. They should not lean on the removal of fuel subsidy. Mr President recover our stolen money and make sure you do not loot too!

  • Egbonawchi Jacobs

    (February 1, 2012 - 8:28 pm)

    We need to create opportunities for graduate unemployed youths in the areas of production of finished goods and agro-related businesses. Many of our young people have good ideas to offer but there is no enabling environment for them to excel. This must include cash grants, loans and provision of machinery for starters .

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