@CrowdOutAIDS Launch Solution Apps: Selects Drafting Committee Members from 10 countries including Algeria, Lesotho, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria

CrowdOutAIDS is the first ever project to crowdsource a UN strategy. The UNAIDS project that puts decision-making in the hands of young people, is now in it’s third phase and it recently launched a solution application.

The new online application allows users to suggest and vote up actions that they think should be included in the UNAIDS strategy on young people and HIV. Prior to this phase of the project, over 5 000 young people, age 15 to 29, connected online on different social network platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Renren; and offline in different communities, to interact and share their different experiences on issues such as youth leadership, engagement and HIV.

CrowdOutAIDS solution apps will enable online users suggest solutions to the problems raised in the different forums. The issues have been categorized into different priority areas for easy navigation.

To participate, visit www.crowdoutaids.org/solutions or click on any of the strategic priority areas below:

An independent Online Drafting Committee team, 10 young men and women who were selected to serve on the committee through an open application process, will work the suggestions submitted in the solutions app into the strategy.

They will also spend the next couple of weeks analyzing the data collated from all the Online and Offline Forums, using different online tools to work collaboratively to finalize the strategy.

Excitingly, young people are allowed to take full ownership of the project, with minimum interference from UNAIDS secretariat.

Earlier in a press statement, the Executive Director of UNAIDS, Mr. Michel Sidibé, said, “We’re asking youth around the world to debate, draft and work with UNAIDS to implement this new strategy. It is absolutely critical that we engage young people—not as recipients of our messages but as the actors and creators of change.”

To further establish UNAIDS commitment to adhering to the principle of engaging youth in developing the strategy, the 10 committee members will be working independently, without UNAIDS meddling, through out the process of strategy development. They are expected “to objectively reflect on the various outputs from the CrowdOutAIDS process and put together a clear, concise, actionable plan together with key definitions and principles that UNAIDS should adhere to when working with young people.”

Among the 10 committee members selected from the different regions of the world are Tsoarelo Molapo, Lesotho; Benedicte Kouassi Kouassi, Cote d’Ivoire; Folake Soetan, Nigeria and Zahra Benyahia, Algeria; young women from African region, committed to Crowd out AIDS. Click here to meet the team!

To learn more about the project please visit: http://www.crowdoutaids.org/solutions

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Post Author: Jen Ehidiamen

A professional journalist and emerging writer, Jen Ehidiamen is committed to exploring and using the Media as an advocacy tool for Youth development and empowerment. Her passion for youth development is also reflected in her column called “Dis Generation” in The Nation newspaper. She is currently CP-Africa's Features Editor.

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