UTC opens N100 million food court in Victoria Island, Lagos

UTC Nigeria Plc recently opened an ultra modern food court in Victoria Island, Lagos, its second so far in Lagos.

According to the organization’s corporate affairs manager, “the idea is to have the total lifestyle and entertainment under one roof and meant for a discerning clientele that focuses on quality, and healthy foods.”

The food court reportedly cost UTC about N100 million. Th organization is also gearing up to launch its cassava bred line.

According to UTC’s CEO, Mrs Folusho Olaniyo,

“this food court houses the meat shop, confectionery store and the bar where we serve only healthy food. We are the only indigenous company that does confectionery, as well as, meat. We do more of healthy foods, more of vegetables, lean meats and white meats. We try not to give to people what we think will harm their health.

“We want to increase people, who will belong to the healthy food brigade.  Because if you eat healthy, productivity improves in the country generally and at the same time the mortality rate drops with a healthy population. This retail harm is going to sell confectionery, meat and then healthy lifestyle.”


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