Nigeria’s ICT explosion with Mrs. Omobola Johnson, Minister for ICT [Interview]

Nigeria’s Minister for Information & Communications Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson was recently interviewed by CNBC Africa on Nigeria’s Information & Communications Technology sector.

According to CNBC Africa:

Software development is an area of vast potential that has helped economies such as India’s thrive. In Nigeria, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is supporting growth in the sector through various initiatives in a bid to further stimulate what has been dubbed the “ICT Explosion”. ABN’s Keisha Gitari caught up with ICT Minister, Omobola Johnson, to find out more.

Check out the interview on YouTube here  and share any comments you may have about Nigeria’s fast growing ICT sector.

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6 thoughts on “Nigeria’s ICT explosion with Mrs. Omobola Johnson, Minister for ICT [Interview]

  • Victor Asemota

    (February 6, 2012 - 9:45 pm)

    All I see is two pretty ladies preaching to the choir.

    Once again:

    "You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do" -Henry Ford

    "Just do it" – Nike

  • Ayaadewo

    (February 7, 2012 - 4:10 pm)

    Well said Victor.

  • Tosin

    (February 11, 2012 - 9:06 am)

    This is my problem: I am in my parents' house in Lekki, so we are not particularly poor 🙂 yet I had to think very hard whether I wanted to watch this video because you know how videos chop your usage quota. Then I decided to watch.

    So I am very eager to see more pervasive internet access so that rural kids can take advantage of virtual classrooms, so that bored people can develop the virtual worlds of the future, so that…

    I instinctively trust this Minister. Let's go let's go, tech can make Nigeria better.

    I know I say this a lot, but: CP-AFRICA ROCKS. Don't stop.

    • CP-Africa

      (February 12, 2012 - 7:56 am)

      Hey Tosin, thanks a lot! You absolutely rock too!x

  • Charles

    (February 11, 2012 - 10:51 pm)

    you "instinctively trust her" hmnnnn time will tell

  • Enitan

    (February 12, 2012 - 10:51 am)

    Well thought out ideas. Implementing is however another idea yet to be laid out properly …at least not with the vehicle (Nigerian Govt) conveying these thoughts to its destination currently in a wobbling state of mind.

    Can we attain the ICT level of India when our tertiary institutions are just a place every youth go to just to be known to have gone to school. No update of school curriculum to reflect current trends in our society?

    Government of the day so delighted in corrupt acquisition of IT infrastructure and disdains home built applications cos its cheaper and can't be inflated?

    Our infrastructure providers who have collectively make the likes of Tosin scared of researching wide for fear of exhausting expensive usage allocation despite the fact that u have more than 3 fiber optics cable from Europe landing Nigeria. I still don't understand being allocated 3GB on my BB by my provider wen I don't use more than 100MB total and I can't divert it to my laptop where I would need it most.

    Then NEPA/PHCN ….call it whatever ….never available! How can one effectively code with the Nigerian Symphony Orchestra in session rending her signature hit tune "the gen cacophony" whose composition dates back to Independence in 1960.

    We currently not experiencing ICT explosion but rather the shock waves of the explosion elsewhere. Thanks CP-Africa!

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