Nigerian Government orders 24-hour power supply to Lagos State

Nigeria’s Power Minister, Dr. Barth Nnaji said the Federal Government has ordered 24 hours supply of electricity to Lagos State given the economic position it occupies in Nigeria.

According to the Minister,

“We have resolved that Lagos will be getting more power round the clock, except if there is a hitch to supply. I think much attention should be given to the latest power supply rather than the number of generation. This a great achievement on the part of the government.”

In addition the Minister also noted that power supply in Nigeria has increased by over 40%. See our post about it here.

He also revealed that Nigeria’s power supply will hit 9,000MW by December 2012. See our post about it here.

These are very optimistic predictions for Nigeria’s power sector and CP-Africa hopes they come to pass.

What do you think about the Nigerian Government ordering 24 hours of power supply to Lagos State?

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One thought on “Nigerian Government orders 24-hour power supply to Lagos State

  • Oby

    (February 25, 2012 - 6:34 pm)

    I am optimistic. However, Mr. Nnaji's statement of how this is an achievement of the govt. is off the point – this is what the govt should have been doing and therefore them doing their job does not require any special praise. I hope that the Minister and his colleagues would not consider 24hr electricity a privilege that should only be given to a special few. The function of a state should not determine if they need 24hr electricity. That is what every state needs – the right to have 24hr electricity!!

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