Did Akon sign a better deal than Kanye West? Chop my money remix gets 200,000 views in 24 hours

It is no news that Akon’s collaboration with P-Square has officially hit the Internet and that it has been a raving success. The popular video raked up about 200,000 views in 24 hours and it looks like there is no stopping it. Last time we checked, the video had almost garnered about 500,000 views. This looks like a guaranteed million view P-Square hit in the making on YouTube. If all goes well and Akon fans worldwide like the video as well, it could, (gasp!) hit tens of millions of views. Watch the video here.

Record label owner and exec, Akon has in what we would like to call, a major coup, managed to get three of Nigeria’s, if not Africa’s most promising musical talents on his Konvict Music Africa label – P-Square, Wizkid and 2face. This was even after P-Square famously announced that they don’t think they need foreign collaborations.

In signing P-Square, Wizkid and 2face, Akon has brought on three acts that are not so far removed from his own personal musical style.  The P-Square, Akon remix of “Chop my money” hints this affinity and we suspect a major music video collaboration with Wizkid will drive this point home even more. The fact that whatever agreement the acts signed with Akon would involve major endorsement from Akon in the form of cameo appearances and explicit features is even more encouraging. In Akon’s words,  2face, PSquare and Wizkid would be the first new members of his record label that he is going to break out of Africa. Watch the video here.

The Senegal born Akon is coming home with his partnership with the trio. His African roots need not be affected as can be seen in his delivery on “Chop my money.” One can easily see how such chants can come even more naturally to him venturing perhaps into Nigeria’s local dialects. The role this can play in popularizing Nigerian slangs and even languages internationally cannot be overstated.

Compare this with Kanye West’s signing of D’banj to his GOOD Music Record label. Can we really hope for the Nigerianization of Kanye West? Will he really be singing “Oose” with D’banj and making cameo appearances in Mo’hit videos? We sincerely hope this will be the case, but in the limited time frame we have to analyze both cases, Kanye’s  contribution to the Mo’hits brand seems more hands-off focused on  introducing them to international markets via brand associations with GOOD Music and its entertainment industry affiliates.
Whereas, Akon’s collaboration appears more handson. He seems to be betting that his explicit affiliations with three of Africa’s more promising musicians would lead to success internationally. He has already collaborated with Wizkid on the Don’t Dull remix and featured  prominently on the “Chop my Money” remix.

We can’t tell what his next move would be, but another hands-on push with either of the three might be in the offing. And with his run-away success with Lady Gaga, our bet is that Akon really knows what he is doing.

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