“Kanye West likes me because I am original” – D’banj

Fresh off of his New York concert hosted by Live Nation and covered by the New York Times, Nigerian artiste D’banj recently spoke to MTV Iggy where they discussed everything from Kokomobile, his brand of phones in the Nigerian market to Kanye West.

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How does it feel to be bringing Nigerian music to a more global audience?

With the reception I’ve gotten, I’d like to say, not like I was nervous, I just hoped and prayed that people would come with an open mind, that they can listen. And I saw that today, they came with their hearts, they came with their minds. I’m only grateful to God that that’s the beginning. Seeing this, I’m now eager to move around and continue the gospel.

What is your next step toward world domination?

To go on the road. America, for one.  Even with this crowd, they’ve already shown us that there is massive audience for me here. I thought I was in New York City, but I’m seeing New Jersey, I’m seeing Maryland, I’m seeing Houston. I already have bookings in Houston. It’s just a big privilege and I’m so humbled. I can’t wait to just gladly take the music there to touch them.

Is there something in Lagos that sets the scene apart?

It’s very real. It’s very real and very original. You know, people are asking me if I’m going to change and I say, ‘What Kanye likes about me is that I’m very original’. Even the way I call my name: ‘I’m D’Banj!” And I don’t want to change that.

That’s what we all have in Africa. You know that we’re blessed with a lot of natural resources. We’re blessed with things like oil, and also we have talents. They say we’re a developing continent. Well, we have been developing. Now, we are developed.

You are already recording with Kanye West. What is it like being in the studio with him?

I came with a mind-set to learn. Also, to show my culture, but more importantly to learn. In the studio the chemistry was great. You know, music is universal. I’ve been in the studio with people who don’t speak English, but, at the end of the day, I love melody. I’ve gained a lot from him, that’s the main reason I’m here.

 Tell me about Kokomobile. You have a branded cell phone on the market in Nigeria?Yes, I do. Well, my brand is called ‘Koko’. It comes from the song on my first album. And people say, ‘Well, what is the koko?’ The Koko is whatever you do to derive pleasure. It is the bone of contention. So, people started calling me the Koko Master. Today, no one knows its specific definition.

But now I have the Koko Lounge, my club in Lagos, Nigeria. And I have Koko Garri, my breakfast cereal.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
I like Rihanna.

The full interview here

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  • Akintunde taiwo

    (March 9, 2012 - 8:44 pm)

    banji 'beru jo keep representing African and Nigerian @ large the sky is your limit, pls bro keep it up.

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