How this Nigerian in Diaspora is running a Nigerian technology business

With the recent spotlight on the burgeoning technology scene in African countries, a lot of Africans in Diaspora are increasingly interested in how they can build successful technology companies in the continent. One of the more recent success stories is Jason Njoku of Iroko Partners who returned from the U.K. to start a business in Nigeria focused on digitizing Nollywood Movies. Last year, he made over a million dollars in revenue  and his business has continued to grow in leaps and bounds.

As such, Diasporans are increasingly interested in how they can build Africa-focused businesses and be a part of the monumental growth in the continent’s technology sector. To find out what it’s like being a Diasporan running a technology business on the continent, we caught up with Akin Olaoye, Founder of, a business listings site focused on the Nigerian market.

Based in the United States, Akin makes frequent trips to Nigeria to touch base with his employees based in Nigeria. Faced with a crowded online business listings space in Nigeria,  he focused on growing his company in cities with less competition like Port Harcourt, Abuja and even Warri.

In the interview below, Akin shares what it’s like being a Nigerian startup founder based in the United States. He also shares the key challenges he has faced as well as the learnings and rewards.

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One thought on “How this Nigerian in Diaspora is running a Nigerian technology business

  • owoyale

    (May 30, 2012 - 10:59 am)

    Thanks Akin. Whereyoudey is a very useful site. I love what you guys came up with. This is an encouragement for ‘thinking Nigerian Youths’ not only those in Diaspora but also those at home. You figured out the need of people and spread ya net.AWESOME!

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