More Women than Men in Ghana – Population Census Report

The long awaited results for the 2010 Population and Housing Census have just been released. The announcement made by Dr. Philomena Nyarko, the acting government statistician reveals that Ghana’s population now stands at 24,658,823.

The results revealed that 51.2% of those enumerated are females while males stood at 48.8%. When compared to the 2000 census, the report reveals that the Ghanaian population is growing at a rate of 2.5% annually.

Although this report revealed the total population number as well as the gender population, other analysis such as disability, literacy, education among others are yet to be released. Dr. Nyarko affirmed that they will be released before the end of this year.

The census results were expected to have been released earlier but the Publicity Officer of the Census Secretariat, Dr. David Kombat explained that challenges made it impossible to release. He mentioned the fact that there were about 50,000 field  workers which were insufficient in number to cover five million households, scanning of forms and difficulty in enumerating people in some communities.

These statistics will assist corporate organizations, NGOs and other International bodies in their plans for Ghana.

Post Author: Segun Adekoye

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