Reverend Nzamujo at TEDxIkoyi: Using Agriculture to Challenge Africa’s Triple Threat

In the spirit of ideas worth sharing, CP-Africa begins a 6- part feature on the talks given at recently held TEDxIkoyi in Lagos, Nigeria.  Integrated agriculture entrepreneur, Reverend Father Godfrey Nzamujo kicks of the series with his idea titled “Using Agriculture to Challenge Africa’s Triple Threat”

“The inability to produce goods and services to meet our basic needs causes us to export wealth and import poverty”

Born in Kano, Nigeria in 1950, Rev Father Godfrey Nzamujo holds a B.A. in Modern Philosophy and Mathematics, an M.A. in Theology (Creation-Centered/Evolution Option), an M.S. in Electrical Engineering, a PH.D. in Economic Philosophy, a PH.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Service and is currently a PH.D candidate in Management Science at the International Institute for Advanced Studies.

Not one to rest on his academic laurels, Rev Nzamujo decided to use his inter disciplinary knowledge to come up with practical solutions to the poverty problem in Africa. His solution was the Songhai Center founded in 1985 in Porto Novo. Its aim is to train young ‘barefoot’ engineers to use integrated farming practices after which they establish their own farms and educate their communities on sustainable systems of agriculture.

In the course of his talk, Father Nzamujo showed how Songhai’s ‘Zero Emission Initiative’ has reversed the trend of us producing less with more in Africa. He narrated how he came back from California with 32 quail eggs and now produces 1,500 daily at the centre and how used water sachets are recycled to produce 12,000 bottles and buckets every hour. He also shared a beauty tip involving carrots with the ladies present.

Check out Father Nzamujo’s TEDxIkoyi talk “Using Agriculture to Challenge Africa’s Triple Threat” as well as his full presentation below. Get inspired! Share the inpiration!

What do you think of this idea? What will it take for Africa’s youths to start harnessing agriculture as a tool for employment and wealth creation?

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