Smartphones that can be used to test for HIV/AIDS set to launch in Swaziland and South Africa

Researchers in South Korea and South Africa are working hard to launch  smart phones that can be used to test for HIV/AIDS in many parts of Africa through a revolutionary gadget called Smart Scope.

The research team is reported to have developed  a microscope and an application that can photograph and analyse blood samples in areas far from laboratories to diagnose HIV and even measure the health of immune systems.

Smartscope, is a small 1-millimeter (0.04-inch) microscope and light which clips over a smartphone’s camera.

“Our idea was to obtain images and analyse images on this smartphone using applications,” said Jung Kyung Kim, a professor in biomedical engineering at Kookmin University in South Korea.

The new technology would be initially used for HIV/AIDS testing in rural communities in South Africa and Swaziland.

An estimated 6 million South Africans are infected with the HIV virus while an estimate 25% of  Swazi adults are infected with the virus.

What do you think about Smart Scope? Do you think it can be a game changer for HIV/AIDS testing in Africa?

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