Ethiopia hosts the 11th Innovation Africa Digital Summit

Ethiopia will host the 11th Innovation Africa Digital Summit, which is scheduled to kick off next March. State Minister, Peter Gat Cot, told a press conference at the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Extensia Ltd, in partnership with whom the Ministry is preparing to host the event, yesterday that the upcoming summit is aimed at discussing the need to create sustainable national growth and development of the African Telecom and ICT ecosystem.

The summit, which would be conducted with the theme: “National Broadband Strategies and Agendas —Acceleration and Alignment,” is supposed to have a great role on creating technology and business integrity among nations and private sectors, the State Minister noted.

According to Peter, the summit is expected to bring together up to 350 companies from around the world including large ICT companies, ministers, regulators, service programme, major end users and leading international solution providers.

Extensia Director of Sales and Marketing Adrian Hall on his part said the summit will focus on National broadband agendas. He underlined that the summit is instrumental in bringing together the reputed international technology companies and policy makers in the sector so that Ethiopia will benefit more from attracting international ICT investors and it would be of paramount importance to further attract more investment into Ethiopia.

Hall said that the summit will also serve as a platform to share experiences with major ICT companies from across the globe. “Countries are looking at how they can improve their healthcare, education, business potential and the GDP growth. And that is all very closely tied with the national broadband connectivity,” he said. Hall further indicated that the theme of the summit will focus on how countries can accelerate their respective broadband agendas and form alignment with partners while keeping the objectives of their countries in the sector.

Post Author: Kingsley Iweka

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