Sasol Technology launches state-of-the-art Research and Technology Facility in South Africa

Sasol Technology has launched its new state-of-the-art Research and Technology (R&T) facility at the Sasol One Site in Sasolburg.  Construction of the R150 million, five storey building commenced in January 2010. The building is home to Sasol’s research and development, and fuels technology, which form part of Sasol’s R&T campus.

The facility has world-class laboratories, sophisticated analytical equipment, pilot plants, offices and maintenance workshops. Sasol’s scientists and engineers continuously research and develop new technologies and efficiencies for the business, while improving existing technologies.

“This new research and technology facility is a significant milestone for our Sasolburg site, the world’s first coal-to-liquids plant. This facility is not only an investment in Sasol’s future but shows Sasol’s continued commitment to South Africa,” said Lean Strauss, Senior Group Executive for New Business Development and Technology, Sasol.

“This is more than a new facility on our Sasol One Site. Sasol is a global leader in gas-to-liquids (GTL) and coal-to-liquids (CTL) technology, and processes to produce liquid fuels and chemicals. This facility will enable us to be more competitive and further push boundaries when it comes to our ambitious global growth program,” said Flip De Wet, Managing Director, Sasol Technology.

The new facility will enhance Sasol’s R&T campus, which houses 14 laboratories, a number of piloting facilities, 150 PhD graduates, close to 100 engineers, over 200 scientists and over 100 chemists and technologists combined.

The new development marks one of the many investments that Sasol continues to make in its home-base, South Africa. Sasol increased its capital expenditure in South Africa by 14% in the past financial year to R18.8 billion, which represents approximately 70% of total capital expenditure.


Post Author: Kingsley Iweka

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