Richest Family in South Africa, Oppenheimer Family, Supports Local Entrepreneurs by Investing in 4Di Capital, a Local Venture Capital Company

A local South African venture capital company, 4Di Capital, has announced that E. Oppenheimer & Son has joined its list of Capital Fund 1  investors.

E. Oppenheimer & Son International is the investment holding company of the Oppenheimer Family interests, Founders of the global mining company Anglo American, and managing shareholders of De Beers, the world’s leading diamond company, until its recent acquisition by Anglo American.

4Di Capital focuses on investing in early-stage technology ventures with global potential. This new addition to the company’s investor base brings together the extensive global networks of the Oppenheimer family with those of the current 4Di investors – including Reinet Fund S.C.A.,F.I.S. – and the venture investing and operating experience of 4Di.

4Di Capital has made seven investments in South African ventures so far, and recently announced its first profitable exit of mobile community startup Motribe Networks to MXit, the largest social network in Africa. The addition of the Oppenheimer family investment will double the size of the Fund, enabling 4Di to expand into further new investments while also having more capital available to accelerate the growth of its current portfolio.

Rachel Slack, a Director of E. Oppenheimer & Son, said, “We believe that South Africa has exceptional entrepreneurial talent and are excited to join the 4Di Capital family, where we hope we can assist in leveraging the resources available to us in support of young, high-impact entrepreneurs wishing to develop and launch their new innovations onto the global stage.”

Justin Stanford, Founding Partner of 4Di Capital and co-founder of the Silicon Cape Initiative, said, “4Di Capital is well positioned to take full advantage of South Africa’s potential as a global technology innovation hub.”

He continued, “We are very pleased to have the Oppenheimer family on board to assist us in capitalising on the growing number of exciting new technology opportunities that need startup capital and support to penetrate the global market.”

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