Abuja Carnival 2012, ‘Carnival of Peace and Harmony’, to hold from Nov 24 – 27

The theme for Abuja Carnival 2012, as approved by the Abuja Carnival Management Committee is, “Carnival of Peace and Harmony,” to reflect the nation’s current security challenges and the need to ensure peace and harmony among its people as a recipe for national transformation.

Chief Edem Duke, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, has said that 12 countries are to participate in the 2012 Abuja Carnival. He also revealed that the 8th edition of the carnival intends to feature a minimum of 15 events aimed at transforming the cultural orientation and values of the country. The carnival will also serve as a platform for the youth, women and special groups to express their creativity.

The Minister said the government intends “to use culture as enterprise to ensure that we escalate the understanding of the creative industry.” The carnival will also serve as an opportunity for the promotion of the local economy.

The minister listed some countries that confirmed interest to participate in the carnival as Egypt, India, Trinidad and Tobago, China, South Africa, Cameroon, The Sudan, Botswana, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Senegal.

Among events at the carnival include competitions in areas of creative industry among primary schools in and around the city to encourage and develop the creative ingenuity of pupils. There would be participation of musical band groups by security agencies and the carnival will also welcome sponsorship of cultural troupes by prominent Nigerians.

The Abuja National Carnival was introduced as an intra and inter cultural link to serve as a cultural fountain of the black people. It began in 2005 as a platform for boosting the economy of Nigeria, especially the informal sector of the FCT, through the influx of people.

Post Author: Kingsley Iweka

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