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Kenya to get its first African service centre as Embraer plans to open office in Nairobi

Embraer is a Brazilian plane manufacturer and it has revealed plans to open its first African service centre in Nairobi next year. The opening of the centre is in partnership with Kenya Airways.

“We see Africa as a huge potential for business going forward. And we want to be part of the development of Africa’s aviation, especially intra-Africa air traffic”.

“We are investing in authorised service centres in Africa like the one that will be opened, hopefully soon, in Nairobi beginning next year,” said Embraer’s Commercial Aviation president and Chief Executive Paulo Cesar Silva.

The manufacturer is also posting more of its staff to Africa, investing in warehouses for spare parts and dedicating more employees to service its African clients.

“We don’t know how many people we will have here. It will depend on the business. But definitely it will be a growing business as more and more Embraers fly in Africa,” he said.

The building of the centre is also is in line with the push by Brazil to boost trade with the continent as emerging countries gradually shift their economic dependence away from rich nations.

Africa’s aviation market is set to soar, powered by the resource-rich continent’s robust economic growth and burgeoning consumer market, which are driving business and leisure travel.

This has sparked increased investor interest in the continent with a focus on budget airlines, which is watering the market for players like Embraer.

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