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Ghana set to establish Science and Technology Policy Guidelines

Ghana’s Minister for Environment, Science and Technology (MEST), Ms Sherry Ayittey has announced that a Science Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy has been approved by the nation’s cabinet to guide science and technology programmes being executed by the government.

The projects include a Science and Technology Fund and a Ghana Space Science and Technology Centre to pursue the country’s capabilities in space, establishment of radio astronomy under the Africa SKA project.

The Minister said the policy would soon be presented to Parliament to be passed to be passed into law, and further explained that a plan had been developed to help implement the policy. According to her, STI had become essential for growth and development and was the key driver for the industrialization of most world economies.

On this note, Ms Ayittey said the government is investing massively in science and technology to create conditions for a knowledge able society to promote the socioeconomic development of the country.

She said the magnitude of investment required to successfully implement Science and Technology development programmes on the continent was huge and domestic revenue to fund those projects was inadequate.

Ms Ayittey appealed to the EU to support Africa with research infrastructures to promote research to spearhead the development of the continent.

She called on Research Institutions the continent to build collaboration between research institutions and the private sector for the former to invest to develop products from their research findings.

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