Rlg Communications to build $100 million Manufacturing Centre in Ghana

With the aim to develop the communications sector’s infrastructure in Ghana, Rlg Communications has announced its intention to build a new manufacturing centre in the country next month. According to a statement by the company, the $100 million centre is to be completed by 2014, and they hope it will help boost the overall ability of the country’s IT sector.

“This will be the first of its kind in Africa, modeled on other tech centres in the world,” said the statement.

The company’s CEO Roland Agambire told local media that “the move was influenced by the growing demand for its products and its expansion drive to other countries.”

The centre will also develop software for mobile phones and computers, and also take on orders from other technology firms.

RLG said it also “plans to expand into six other West Africa countries and three Southern African countries by the first half of 2013″, including Nigeria.

Rlg Communications is a Ghanaian-owned limited liability company engaged in the production of communications equipment such as mobile handsets, electronic notebooks, tablets, laptops, LCD TV monitors and more. Rlg seeks to develop best quality technology in the electronic products we assemble in Ghana and elsewhere, and to deliver quality and value to our customers, clients and other stakeholders.

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