Putting Waste to Work : Lagos Generates Electricity from Waste – LAWMA

Following a partnership with Chinese investors earlier in the year, for the supply of generators that will run on methane gas harvested from septic tanks from homes and offices, Lagos state advances its efforts to boost electricity supply and manage waste in the state.

According to the Managing Director of the Lagos State Waste Management Agency (LAWMA), Mr Ola Oresanya: “We commission electricity from our wastes at one of our markets, Ikosi market. Then we have recycling plants all over that we’ve established. Right now, for plastic recycling centres, we have four centres up and running. The tyre shredding plant is also going on to manufacture rubbers from (used) tyres and apart from that we have several other things that are really going on in that regard.”

Mr Oresanya said the waste to energy project would be expanded to cover more markets in 2013.

“We’ve been able to evolve new strategies to make people recycle in Lagos; to change the perception of people and not to see wastes as waste, so that they will see it as resource and that (buying-back), we’ve been able to do through the introduction of recycling banks all over the city. We have the buying-back programme where people bring wastes and we pay them for bringing the wastes.”

“That is assorted materials like pure water sachets. Right now, you bring it we pay N30 per kilogramme – paper, pet (broken) bottles and many other things like that.  We have the wastes to food programme where we encourage children to bring recycle materials and we exchange that for food packs during holiday.”

Post Author: Kingsley Iweka

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