The Azonto craze continues as Fuse ODG features Wyclef Jean in Antenna – Video

Fuse ODG, the crooner who helped further popularize the Ghana Azonto dance on the web garnering over 7 million views for his smash single, “Azonto” has continued the Azonto craze with his recent release of a video for his second single, Antenna. In the past months, Fuse released the song and inspired Antenna contests across the globe.

Ghana’s Azonto dance which has quickly become a global phenomenon continues to increasingly enjoy mainstream acceptance. Check out Fuse ODG’s Antenna video with Wyclef Jean below.

Earlier this year, Prince William gave the dance a “royal approval” with some Azonto moves of his own.

Also, watch Fuse ODG’s original Antenna video which sparked a global Antenna dance contest on YouTube.

For more on the Azonto dance craze, check out: Can you do the Azonto? CNN features the Azonto dance craze

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