[E-book] – Technology in Africa – 2013 Digest

If you are interested in insightful opinion and analysis about the Technology scene in Africa and matters that affect it, then go ahead and read the below summary of a FREE newly published “Technology in Africa – 2013 Digest”.

In the book, Erik Hersman (Kenya) observes what differentiates the various technology communities across the continent but also offers insights into what makes for a competitive tech community. On a similar topic, Victor Asemota(Ghana) talks about building technology ecosystems as he further narrates how technology ecosystems are similar to natural ecosystems.

With his fund management experience, Mbwana Alliy (Tanzania) goes on to explain on an efficient method that technology start-ups should adopt to raise funding. I go on to elaborate on the various options that technology start-ups have for funding with emphasis that they explore bootstrapping.

Tim Katlic (United States of America) goes on and argues that collecting accurate internet user data is very critical to government policy making. Whilst on the same subject of governments, Will Mutua (Kenya) ” makes the point that technology, led by the Internet, is giving “power to the people” and assisting with governance by helping the citizens hold the politicians accountable given the amount of information they have at their fingertips.

To conclude the book, Jonathan MacDonald (United Kingdom) in the penultimate chapter contributes his perspective on Mobile Advertising and Marketing as he curiously points out how advertisers up to this day value “reach” over “specificity” despite the fact that mobile phone increase the chances of “specificity” and reaching the right potential customers with a very low margin of error.

Jon Hoehler (South Africa) then concludes by offering his advice on how to set off in mobile advertising in Africa. He starts with SMS based examples right up to mobile internet and app based advertising.

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