Introducing Hadithi – An online repository of research for African university students, academics and researchers

What is Hadithi?

Hadithi is an online repository of open access (OA) research for university students, academics and researchers. Hadithi builds partnerships with OA publishers across the world, obtain their content and then host it on our platform.

While several research and educational institutions have implemented OA policies and created institutional repositories, there still isn’t any general repository that curates, collects content and maintains it on one platform. Hadithi intends to fill that gap.

Hadithi’s Mission

Hadithi’s mission is to maximize the impact of academic research while engaging communities of learning and making societies critically conscious through increased access to quality academic information. In particular, Hadithi see its platform as a stepping stone toward enabling equal rights to education for students in developing countries.

Hadithi believes that improved access to academic research has multiple benefits: it provides a wealth of information into the public arena for any interested citizen, encourages peer-to-peer learning, enables rich discussions within communities, nurtures an environment of increased creativity and innovation and (most importantly) leads to more transparent societies.

How Hadithi works

When one signs up for Hadithi, it serves users by providing publications that would be of most interest. Hadithi partners with academic institutions that have implemented open access policies. Open access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Publishers can upload content in three ways: bulk uploads, email or our upload function on the site.

For more information about Hadithi, check out the informational video below or visit

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