Nigeria: Does Maslow’s Theory of Needs Apply Here?

By Ayodeji Morakinyo Management history has it on record that in 1954, a year when even my father had not been born, Professor Abraham Maslow of the Brandies University developed a theory on human hierarchy of needs. In the theory which has been published in several management books since then, the Professor stated that motivation […]

Opinion: The Malady Called Boko Haram

Though I have not the dire misfortune of being a Boko Haram fan, I am quite fascinated by their many strange theories and suicidal exploits. And while in movies, especially the several martial art dramas I have often watched, it very unusual for the good guy to die, the Boko boys are, in a real […]


A World without Internet Protocol

              Have you ever wondered how living would be if Internet Protocol (IP) never existed? Well, I did recently and the pictures I saw depicted plainness, interaction constraints and endless boredom. Let’s face it, we’d never have Facebook, Gmail or Twitter accounts, Skype won’t offer us any free call and you’d probably never get to […]

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Members in Lagos Challenge Students to Expand their Vocabulary

According to the Wikipedia, a spelling bee is a competition, where the contestants, usually children, are asked to spell English words. Each time a contestant is unable to spell a word correctly, they are eliminated and this removal process continues until an overall winner and some runner-ups emerge. And while the Wikipedia accounts that the […]

NYSC: Helping build a more competitive classroom education

By Ayodeji Morakinyo These days in Nigeria and with the global economic situation, classroom education is not enough to give youths a source of income. In fact, education does not guaranty employment rather, it makes students employable. As such, youths who have seen the four walls of high schools and universities with the evidence of […]