Restaurant Review: Bulk Bananas Spends Valentine’s Day at New China Restaurant

Yes, Val’s Day.  The one day in the year that means so many different things to different people.  For most guys, it represents the day when ladies band together to rob them of their hard-earned cash in the name of Cupid; for women, it’s a romantic celebration of love , commitment and affection with their […]

Restaurant Review: Bogobiri Restaurant hosts lunch with Bulk Bananas and Friends

By Bulkbananas After a nice, relaxing Christmas and New Year holiday, as well as a forced 7-day sit-at-home caused by the strike, I was actually looking forward to going back to work. This rarely happens as I’m just as lazy as the next person, but I have high hopes for 2012, determined to finally stick […]

Restaurant Review: Bulk Bananas goes to Bottles Restaurant, Lagos for Dinner

A friend was heading back to school and we decided to meet up for dinner.  After vacillating on where to go for dinner, we settled on Bottles, a Mexican Restaurant off Karimu Kotun in Victoria Island, Lagos.  You can get detailed address and contact info here. Karimu Kotun is the previous home of Bambudha, one of our […]

Bulk Bananas Savors Ghanaian Food

By Bulk Bananas Happy Holidays from Bulk Bananas! Hope you all enjoyed the Christmas and New Year holidays with family and friends; if not with family and friends, hope you had a relaxing break, anyways.  I was really excited about visiting my aunt in Kwara state, but unfortunately, life happened and I was not able […]

Bulkbananas Explores Christmas Nigerian Recipes in Kwara State

By Bulkbananas Christmas is almost here! where should we go? what should we do? what new adventures and memories should we create? What to do for Christmas is usually a topic that, between my husband and I, requires weeks of contemplation, compromise and anticipation of fun times ahead. This year, bulkbananas decided to explore the less […]

Review – A “Decent” Nigerian Restaurant in Dublin

via Bulk Bananas  Whenever I travel outside Lagos, I try as much as possible to explore the local cuisine, culture, sights and scenes.  However, on a recent trip to Dublin, Ireland I decided I wanted a taste of home instead.  It was a long 5-day trip and I can only have so many cold sandwiches and […]