Fuel subsidy: The case for morality [Opinion]

By Dare Akinwale The debate on fuel subsidy has been raging on and is becoming more intense as the OccupyNigeria protests gather momentum. The government officials – Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and several others – have been appearing on television stations presenting convincing economic arguments supporting the […]

Lessons from Rwanda

But unlike other African countries with similar lofty dreams and visions, Rwanda is backing up its ambition with hard, unpretentious action.   By ’Dare Akinwale In this month’s Future Cities programme on CNN presented by Richard Quest, the city of focus was the landlocked Rwandan capital of one million inhabitants, Kigali. It is quite surprising […]

NYSC: A belated review?

By Dare Akinwale After the riots and violence in some parts of the north that claimed the lives of some corps members, the senate has decided to review the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. Finally. After forty years. There are many people calling for an outright ban of the scheme, while others are saying […]

The Nigerian Indigene

By Dare Akinwale It is commonly agreed that the greatest sense of national pride and unity among Nigerians is felt during international football matches, when Nigeria is playing against another country. During those tense ninety minutes, all the footballers, the fans in the stadium and millions others watching are united in their anticipation for the […]

Where is the Professional?

The Nigerian labour market is an interesting place teeming with an abundance of certificate-clutching job seekers chasing after the few, sometimes illusory jobs that occasionally pop out in some places. A job search is an intensive activity involving a wide dispersal of CVs to as many organizations as possible, with the hope that maybe one […]


Unemployment and real stories of the “growing” economy

This is the meaning of unemployment in Nigeria, Tayo thought to himself… forget all those economic statistics. Unemployment in Nigeria means enduring the humiliation of standing in the sun, begging like  a starving refugee. It means more than ten thousand people applying for one position that may not need more than a hundred people nationwide… […]