Fuel subsidy: How to Retain Subsidy Without Corruption [Opinion]

By Ayo Abiola That subsidy is a result of acute leadership failure is not in doubt.  That subsidy helps keep imported petrol prices low is not in question.  That subsidy payment is an avenue for the blood-sucking cabals to steal the nation’s wealth is not a secret. Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor, Lamido Sanusi has […]


Introducing I AM NIGERIAN

Telling the story of Nigerians (VIDEO)   Society grows through innovation and innovation by people is attached to the kind of inspiration they receive. Amongst Nigerians, home and abroad are many, who innovate daily to make our world a better place. We need to share their stories to inspire others. I am Nigerian is such […]


The Nigeria called Naija

By Isa Obi Click here for VIDEO Nigerians are curious people; we have a knack for taking common words and transforming them into the most far-fetched expressions. Although this trait is strange, it is what makes us unique, and fun to be around. Most importantly, it’s what makes us smile regardless of our qualms as […]


Opinion: Being Nigerian

By Faith Egonna Ojiaka VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIWe592Boac To be Nigerian is to be filled with hope each and every day, despite prevailing circumstances. No wonder we are said to be the happiest people in the world. We are resilient and fearless of change. Through thick and thin, our people have endured the storm of life for decades and we […]


Nigerians Speak: Scam is Not Nigerian (VIDEO)

By Ayo Abiola How often are you told of the “Nigerian scam letter”; the letter that offers you millions in fortunes, by doing nothing except to send your account details to some “prince” under persecution in Nigeria. This prince then transfers the money through your account and, you will be awarded a commission usually in […]