Opinion: Are the present generation of youths the generation that were left to rot?

Does it ever worry us that history which neither personal wealth nor power can pre-empt will pass terrible judgment on us, pronounce anathema on our names when we have passed? We have lost the twentieth century; are we bent on seeing that our children also lose the twenty-first? – Prof. Chinua Achebe I deemed it […]

Of Pharaoh, President Jonathan and fuel subsidy removal [Opinion]

As the wind blows the sand from the shore, so must they be driven away. This is the true voice of the people. – Benjamin Zephania By Femi Asu When I recalled the reported declamation of President Goodluck Jonathan at the National Christian Worship Centre, also known as the Ecumenical Centre, in Abuja on Sunday, […]

[Opinion]: Why let the genie out of the bottle Mr. President?

By Femi Asu “If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” – Anonymous Last week in my piece “A Tale of Two ‘Necessary Evils’”, I concluded by saying Nigerians are yearning for deliverance, not more suffering and pains, and I asked ‘Will President Jonathan hearken to the voice of the people?” I […]