Finalists: #Top10NigerianStartups 2011

A wonderful journey has come to an end, as we now have the list of the #Top10NigerianStartups for 2011. Thanks to our judging panel at @StartUpNG as well as the 293 votes recorded, we have come out with ‘The List’.  The complete list of nominees had 18 startups, but here’s our Top 10.                      From a combined score awarded by the […]

And the nominees are… #Top10NigerianStartups 2011

It all started from a tweet. “Top 10 Startups for the year 2011″ –  according to @TheNextWeb. Only to get replies from @BukkieSho and @etcho3 that they had expected the list to be of Nigerian startups and not foreign startups. Next thing was to start the #Top10NigerianStartups hashtag on twitter to get people’s opinion via @StartUpNG twitter account. Many thanks to twitterers who participated […]

Introducing For developers and App users

By Nubi Kayode All apps have one common destination; the marketplace. However, with a number of marketplaces springing up, strategizing to offer attractive packages to developers is now the kill card. is introducing a platform where users can collaborate with developers to implement app ideas and suggest billing system. Besides rewarding app downloads, the […]