Delegates at the African Youth and Governance Conference

Youths proffer solutions to unemployment in Africa at the African Youth and Governance Conference in Accra, Ghana

The challenge of unemployment in Africa has over the years attracted the attention of the African community as it poses a major threat to security, development and transformation of the continent. African youth have the potential to be a great impetus for Africa’s development, provided that appropriate investments in health and human capital are made. […]

Village Corps: Empowering Communities to Reach Sustainable Prosperity by Ukeme Esiet

“True sustainable prosperity for all will require a shift in mindset among much of the developed world – one that allows us to see our happiness doesn’t depend on our ability to consume more stuff or burn more fossil fuels, and that we can meet our needs and live fulfilled, exciting lives while restoring our planet’s natural systems and without getting in the way of other peoples capacity to meet their needs.”

Ayesha: Ghana’s rising literary icon

Ayesha rising…another rising African literary star… Young Ayesha Harruna Attah grew up in a home where reading and writing flow through the blood. Ayesha is a biochemistry degree holder from Mount Holyoke College. She studied journalism at the Columbia University. Her parents own one of Ghana’s respected private newspapers, The Mail, where she started as […]

Rwanda unveils first bio-diesel bus

Rwanda’s first bio-diesel bus has begun its inaugural trip from the capital Kigali to the town of Akanyuru on the border with Burundi. The Rwanda Biodiesel Express runs entirely on oil plants, animal fats and even used cooking oil from restaurants. The BBC’s Geoffrey Mutagoma, who attended the inauguration, says that it took three years […]