#Plessyahand – Official Twitter hashtag for Nigeria’s Presidential elections

ATTENTION: WATCH PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN’S PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION ON MAY 29TH HERE #Plessyahand is the official Twitter hashtag for today’s Presidential elections. Please help us and many others already tweeting #Plessyahand spread the word and encourage as many Nigerians around you to vote. The aim is to make the voting process fun and memorable. See what Nigerians […]

234Next launches election reporting platform

Nigerian media house, NEXT Newspapers recently launched an election reporting platform via its website, The platform, located at allows citizens to report incidences of electoral malpractices via their mobile devices and the web. The platform joins other citizen reporting platforms for Nigeria’s upcoming elections such as Revoda and Reclaim Naija. The portal includes […]

Solution: Fixing the power problem by decentralizing power

Mark Essien, a Nigerian software developer writes about his solution for fixing the power problem in Nigeria. He originally published this post at Nigerian Progress, a new website that collects user-contributed articles about how Nigeria can be improved, one step at a time. By Mark Essien Nigeria faces an electricity crisis, even as millions of […]

Today is #IFNAIJAVOTES day on Twitter, Facebook and BBM! Don’t get left out! #1.11.11

(CP-Africa) – We announced this late last week, but in case you missed it, today is #IFNAIJAVOTES day on Twitter, Facebook and BBM, so don’t get left out! Tweets have started rolling in. To join the movement on Facebook, make the picture below your Facebook profile picture. Most recent: Don’t get left out! Start tweeting! […]