Ghana: Nigerian students graduate 1st Class

Two Nigerians have won the top prize at the 9th graduation congregation of the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT), a technology-focused private university in Ghana. In a statement, the university said Mr. Peter Hunnoho Moses, who graduated with a first class in Information Technology, was judged the overall best student of the graduating class with […]

Tunde Kehinde_Bandeka 2

Invitation Only Dating by – Talking with Co-Founder Tunde Kehinde

By Tefo Mohapi Young, sophisticated & upwardly mobile Africans are finding their lives getting busier by the day. They find themselves having to walk a tightrope of balancing their personal and professional lives and most times it is the personal life that suffers. This is where steps in – an invite only community where […]


Opinion: Being Nigerian

By Faith Egonna Ojiaka VIDEO: To be Nigerian is to be filled with hope each and every day, despite prevailing circumstances. No wonder we are said to be the happiest people in the world. We are resilient and fearless of change. Through thick and thin, our people have endured the storm of life for decades and we […]

CNN Video: The battle for the Nigerian Presidency

ELECTION UPDATE: CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST INEC NIGERIAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RESULT CNN’s Christian Purefoy recently did a video feature on the battle between the north and south for the Nigerian Presidency. The video features an interesting statement by one of the Nigerians interviewed for the clip. According to him: [Anyone that tries to change […]

Breaking: INEC postpones NASS, Presidential and Governorship elections to April 9th, 16th and 26th respectively

INEC Nigeria recently announced the postponement of the upcoming elections in Nigeria this April. The details are as followed: NASS Elections: To hold on April 9th Presidential Elections: To hold on April 16th Governorship Elections: To hold on April 26th All Nigerians with access to NTA are encouraged to tune in to the network to […]