Wael Ghonim: “This was revolution 2.0” #CNN Interview with the man behind the revolution

Google’s marketing Chief for the Middle East and North Africa, Wael Ghonim, who has quickly become the face of the Egyptian revolution recently had a series of interviews with CNN. In one of the interviews, he gave an emotional account of how he knew from the day that Ben Ali left Tunisia that Hosni Mubarak […]

UPDATE: Big Brother Africa 2011 Videos and Representatives Online (Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa e.t.c.)

Here are links to Big Brother Africa 2011 (Big Brother Amplified) Videos and the full list of Representatives for this year Representatives: CLICK HERE TO VIEW THIS YEAR’S BIG BROTHER AFRICA 2011 REPRESENTATIVES! Big Brother Africa 2011 Launch and Videos: CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEOS FROM THIS YEAR’S BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED LAUNCH INCLUDING AN EXCLUSIVE […]

Izognmovies streams Nollywood films to you, for a fee #Web Startup Review

Izognmovies is a Nigerian start-up which streams Nollywood movies online. At Izogmovies you can watch one free film after sign up, or pay the membership fee to access their entire database.  The start-up claims to have over 3  000 films for people to choose from. Izogmovies is in stiff competition with online piracy, or people […]